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Sabrina is a stereotypical youngest sister—she has a love hate relationship with hand-me-downs​ and expects to be treated like a princess at all times. She finds a kindred spirit in Jo March and everyone's favorite sorority sister, Elle Woods.

She is quite the nerd and has a hankering to know a lot about a lot, but directs most of her brain power toward eighteenth-century literature. An early morning phone call from Marva is what initially drew her to Sistory Untold. But a lifetime of looking up to her grandmothers and their sisters, and obsessing over the strong bonds between women in Clueless and Gossip Girl made her eager to get on board.

If for some inexplicable reason this podcast doesn't become wildly successful, Sabrina intends to move to a large manor in the Welsh countryside and start a literary salon that's equal parts Blue Stockings Society and Black Panthers.


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