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The Founding Sisters: Eliza and Angelica Schuyler

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Not only do we think that the historical Schuyler sisters are fascinating, (you will too if you listen to episode 4 of Sistory untold) but we love their performances in Hamilton the musical! We love the diverse cast and flipping the script on history. Although we did find a few inconsistencies the plot stayed very true to fact. Which just goes to show that history can be presented in a fun and engaging way and still stay authentic!

Angelica and Eliza were only two of the Schuyler family’s 8 children! Along with Peggy or Margarita there were actually 5 girls altogether. Angelica, Eliza, Peggy, Cornelia, and Catherine. Catherine and Cornelia were much younger than their older sisters, born in 1776 and 1781 respectively.

Cornelia, like her sister Angelica, made an unsuitable match when she married George Washington Morton whom she met at her sister Eliza and Alexander Hamilton’s house. Catherine was 25 years younger than her oldest sister and grew up having a closer relationship with her sisters children than her actual sisters. She would have been a comfort to Eliza in her old age though as Catherine died in 1857, one of the few family members to out live Eliza.

Hear more about the older Schuyler sisters in this weeks episode of Sistory Untold! Available on apple podcasts, Spotify, google podcasts, and pretty much wherever you listen to podcasts. Or just stay on this site and check out our episode guide.


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