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German Valkyries Melitta Von Stauffenberg and Hanna Reitsch

In this 2 part episode we are talking about a different kind of sistory. In our most modern episode yet we talk about the female World War II German pilots Melitta Von Stauffenberg and Hanna Reitsch. Although these women could not be more different from each other their life paths would take them in similar directions and the would face the decision to do what they thought was right for Germany or to do what was right for humanity. Based off of the book The Women Who Flew for Hitler, we look in to the lives and life choices of these two remarkable women.

Thank you to Clare Mulley who wrote the fascinating book that lead us to this research and to our fellow podcasters at Hashtag History for guiding up on our technical podcast journey.

If you want to connect with us more find us on twitter and instagram @sistoryuntold or our website


The Women Who Flew for Hitler: The True Story of Hitler's Valkyries

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