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Eleanor and Matilda

If you have listened to the episode Empress Matilda and Queen Eleanor of Sistory Untold you will know all about the lives, loves and trials of these OG medieval queens. If you haven't listened. Stop what you are doing right now and go listen and come back after you finish to see all of the pictures and further information about these two she-wolves.

Empress Matilda was the founder of the Plantagenet dynasty that would rule England for the next 300 years, but before that she had a life as an empress, a queen, a daughter and a mother. Doing something that was very uncommon for her time period she waged war and would go on to become almost the first queen regnant of England.

Eleanor of Aquitaine is known for bringing the ways of chivalry to England and for establishing the 'court of love'. This narrative however leaves out the fact that she was queen of not one but two kingdoms. She too would step out of the bounds of her role, as queen consort, and lead armies and rebellions. Living to be over 80 years old in a time when women often died in their early 30's, her story would go on to create legends.

Find out the truth about Eleanor, Matilda, and their relationships with power, with men, and with each other in Episode 2 of Sistory Untold.

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