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Daughters of Anarchy: Voltairine de Cleyre and Emma Goldman

In this episode, we talk about Voltairine de Cleyre and Emma Goldman, two American-based anarchafeminists who stood up to women’s rights and really stuck it to the man in the late 19th and early 20th century. Although they didn’t always see eye to eye, they often supported and praised each other and for a while wrote for the same publication. Emma immigrated to America and always seemed to be at odds with the police. Voltairine led a fairly simple life for someone so radical. Chronic illness, imprisonment, poverty, and even assassination attempts couldn’t hold these women back. Here are our sources for this episode:



An American Anarchist : the Life of Voltairine de Cleyre by Paul Avrich

Blasting the Canon edited by Duane Rousselle, Ruth Kinna, and Süreyyya Evren

Gates of Freedom : Voltairine de Cleyre and the Revolution of the Mind by Eugenia DeLamotte

Voltairine de Cleyre: Sexual Slavery and Sexual Pleasure in the Nineteenth Century

Refashioning the Mind: The Revolutionary Rhetoric of Voltairine de Cleyre

Emma Goldman:

Living my Life by Emma Goldman

Anarchism and Other Essays by Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman - › Literature › Nonfiction

Whatever Happened to “Red Emma”? Emma Goldman, from Alien Rebel to American Icon

Love, Anarchy, & Emma Goldman: A Biography by Candace Falk

Both (Emma on Voltairine) (Voltairine on Emma)

Anarcha-feminism Today:


1) Voltairine de Cleyre, Philadelphia, on Christmas of 1891

2) Voltairine de Cleyre, Philadelphia, August 1898 (taken by her sister)

3) Voltairine de Cleyre (age 35), in Philadelphia

4) Emma Goldman ca. 1886

5) Emma Goldman ca. 1911

6) Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman ca. 1917-1919

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