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Despite being the older sister, Marva is definitely the Amy March, Marianne Dashwood and Anne Boleyn of the two.

She has taken her flare for the dramatic across the United States and Europe, never staying in one place for too long. This inability to sit still has taken her quite literally from being a history major (1 semester) to a performer to now podcaster. The one thing that has remained constant in Marva's life is her love of a wild, emotionally unstable, power hungry woman.


She was inspired to start Sistory Untold by her love of alternative history, like the novels of Philippa Gregory, or the musicals Six, Juliet, and Chicago. Outside of women's history, her hobbies include watching all of the Real Housewives, eating pancakes at all times of the day and night, dancing, and lying on the beach. If this Podcast doesn't work out, her plan is to grow one and a quarter inches and get a job dancing at the moulin rouge.  


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